Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food and Water for Our Planet

Westdale United Church,May 24th- A small but eager group attended the Food And Water For Our Planet event Sunday evening. We learned how to use faith grounds to feed the hungry and construct our own rain barrels.

Westdale United Church has been running a vegetable garden since 1992. The produce goes directly to Wesley Centre Kitchen to feed the hungry.
Coordinators, Loueen Madill and her son Stephen gave a presentation followed by a tour of the garden (tomatoes and green peppers).
Writer and environmentalist, Sean Burak demonstrated how to construct our own rain barrels. Sean is passionate about water conservation and is generous about donating his time to give workshops on rain barrel making. He donated this one to the Westdale Untied Church community. He also sells excellent ready made rain barrels.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crieff Hills Church Secretary Event

Tuesday 12th, May-
Marina Fensham of Central Presbyterian Church and owner of thinkGiraffe Environmental Designinvited me to speak about the Greening Sacred Spaces program to an audience of 20 church secretaries. It was a very good idea since many secretaries are the ones who know theins and outs of running the church-they buy the cleaning products, the know who does what etc.
The presentation was warmly received and the participants said they learned a lot. So did I!