Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Opportunities for your faith group

Get to Worship Without Your Car Challenge
Win Prizes!!

Traveling green is an important way we can be stewards of our planet.
Over the weekend of September 20th, 21st and 22nd, Greening Sacred Spaces Hamilton invites people of all faiths to travel to worship that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on foot, by bike, by public transit or carpool. Your faith group will be competing against other Hamilton faith groups for a chance to win prizes (TBA).The groups with the highest percentage of participants get the prizes.
Register your place of worship to participate and promote active transportation by emailing Beatrice at bekoko@faith-commongood.net or by calling Environment Hamilton at 905 549 0900. Once you register participants from your group can join your team.  Be part of the fun while promoting active transportation.
Let’s celebrate 'a greener way to worship' together!
Challenge requirement-We will need to know the number of people who attended the service and the number of people who took the challenge in order to calculate a percentage.

Free:'Do the Math' Screenings 
 Host your own DO the Math Screening.
The movie tells the story of the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis and fight the fossil fuel industry.
Watch the Trailer. Ready to start a campaign?

The divestment from fossil fuel campaign is up and running at many University and Colleges across North America, including McMaster and Mohawk. Several religious institutions and municipalities have already divested their funds from these rogue industries. We're welcoming Hamilton religious institutions and other organizations to join us.  Do the Math, and an excellent introduction of why divestment is so important. We will work with your group to organize a free screening. If you are interested or have any questions please contact elysia@gofossilfree.ca
McMaster Centre for Climate Change: Get your project on the map!
Climate change is a global problem but to understand it we need to start locally. Here in Hamilton, people across the city are taking action against climate change in creative ways and we want to know about it.   Some people are noticing the impacts of climate change and we want to know about that too.  Help us put climate change on the map by participating in LEARN-CC. 
What is LEARN-CC?
LEARN-CC (the Local Education and Action Resource Network on Climate Change) is a tool that allows members of the Hamilton community to report actions they are taking to help limit climate change as  well the local impacts of climate change that they have noticed.  To add your project visit: