Energy and Water Conservation Opportunities and Incentives

Energy Conservation/efficiency: Incentives

Union Gas has a number of very interesting programs both for your building as well as for individual homeowners of low income so if you are a costumer, you might want to check these out.
Union Gas offers grants to do an energy audit on your building. Up to $4000 in savings.

Contact Ed Szpytma, Account Manager Commercial/Industrial Markets

Lastly, Union Gas has a program in place where faith groups can receive free energy saving devices such as the kitchen and bathroom aerators to save water, the free programmable thermostats etc.
Check out the website and please direct any questions to me and I can provide you with further contacts.
Their website is

Horizon Utilities offers Free Lighting and Equipment Upgrades: (up to $1,500).

Customers can take advantage of up to $1500 in free energy efficient lighting upgrades offered by Horizon Utilities. Members who are interested in taking advantage of this free program can contact 1-877-331-1115 to set up an appointment.

For audit funding visit:

Retrofit Program: Participate and Save. Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs.

Greening Sacred Spaces 'Green Audit.' 

Walkthrough audit. Price ranges from $500 to $2,000 depending on the size of your faith building.

Stephen Collette BBEC, LEED AP, BSSO - Green Audit Manager

Greening Sacred Spaces Program
Faith and the Common Good

705-652-5159 (EST)

RainBarrel. EVERYONE should have one!

Easy, Environmentally-Friendly has helped over 300 non-profit groups and organizations like yours raise funds for their good work in the community by holding one-day, truckload rain barrel sales. This year, fundraise with!
• Host a one-day event!
• Raise $3000+ for your organization!
• Help your community become more eco-friendly!
Email:  Phone: (905) 545-5577


  1. I was asked about what I use and also advised at how I can benefit even more by managing my usage of electricity better. I'm also not a night person, so therefor would use very electricity in the day but the surveyor has based his calculations on me saving half my energy which surprised me as he easily say that I'm saving more.... he inform me about Soalr PV, Solar Energy , Solar Power, solar Pannel cost etc..
    save minimum 50% on my bill but most likely more.