Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emmanuel United BBQ

Saturday September 26th;
More faith communities should hold these kinds of events! Emmanuel United Church held a barbecue yesterday afternoon which despite the rain, was well attended. It was an opportunity for the faith group to show case resources and groups doing 'good work' in the community. I was there representing Environment Hamilton and of course Greening Sacred Spaces. Energy saving kits were given out as well as 'Eat local' maps and 'Passport to Hamilton' maps.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Indians add green touch to religious festivals

Date: 07-Sep-09
Country: INDIA

Few events can rival the ancient rituals and riotous color of India's religious festivals. This year, the months-long
celebration season is also becoming eco-friendly. Alarmed by the high levels of pollution caused by firecrackers, toxic
paints and idols made of non-recyclable material, schools, environmentalists and some states are encouraging "greener"

In Mumbai, where the 10-day festival for the elephant-headed Ganesha (the Hindu deity of prosperity) is underway with
giant, colored idols and noisy street parties, radio and TV stations are airing environmental messages and school
children are learning to make eco-friendly idols.

The statues, made of brightly painted plaster of Paris, are usually immersed in the sea or a lake after a lively
procession that can sometimes take half a day to navigate the choked streets, and which ultimately leaves dismembered
idols strewn along the shore.

But a growing number of Indians are opting for smaller clay idols which they immerse in water at home.

"An idol that doesn't dissolve in the sea is just a tragic end for something you have worshipped for so many days," said
Abhijit Karandikar, a creative director at an advertising agency. "More people are realizing they can be more
eco-friendly in our festivals. It's something that's in our control."

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Can This!

September 14th 2009

St Augustine's Parish Centre, Dundas

Greening Sacred Spaces and The Hamilton Fruit Tree Project (projects of Environment Hamilton), along with Dundas Ontario in Transition (DO-iT) teamed up yesterday afternoon to offer a canning workshop. We learned how to preserve fresh pears. The kitchen was bristling with energy and much knowledge: we soon discovered that there are many ways to can!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely (all 19 of us) and look forward to the next workshop (St Paul's Anglican Church in Westdale).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Convincing The Custodian

Convincing the custodian to 'go green' is a problem for many faith groups with environmental teams.
How do you get the janitor to use natural products when he has been using bleach for 25 years?
What is the way to convince the care taker that her work load will be all that lighter if she got on board with recycling?
This was one of the themes that came up at a meeting with the leadership of 8 faith communities in Hamilton this pass month.
Another all time issue is that preaching to the converted aside, how do we encourage members of our faith groups to get with the picture and get green?

You can look forward to a workshop that will be examining these concerns and giving you ideas and ways to tackle them.
In November (the date is still to be decided upon) we will be holding a workshop at Stanley St Baptist Church in Hamilton.
This is of course an interfaith event and all are welcome so please check in again for an update.