Monday, April 26, 2010

April 17th- Energy Conservation Workshop

Up to 25 people from St Ann's RC parish on Sherman learned about energy conservation in the home. The group learned about simple energy saving tips they could apply right away as well as plan for larger projects at a later date.

We broke into two groups to study the energy conservation planners and make our commitments to make changes in the up and coming weeks.

We watched a film on energy conservation, pulled out energy saving devices such as cloth pegs, a power bar, an energy meter and slippers and sweaters!!

Attendants got a chance to view Horizon Utilities' programmable thermostat and learn about the peaksaver program that can help relief the grid of it's burden on those especially hot days when all the air conditioners are running full blast.

Attendants left with freebies that included the LED flashlights, resource materials and free energy saving kits.

If you are interested in having the Greening Sacred Spaces and Green Venture team come out to your place of worship-please contact me, Beatrice 905 549 0900

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