Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aboriginal Wisdom Speakers

Aboriginal Wisdom Speakers-March 06 2011
By Charlene Mohammed, Volunteer

Sage cleansing, indigenous chanting, and making connections with beautiful strangers. This and
much more was how fifty Hamiltonians spent their sunny Sunday afternoon last week at a gathering
with three Aboriginal speakers at the First Unitarian Church. We had the honour of hearing teachings
about sacred beliefs found within their culture, as we gathered together in a circle. Forming a circle with
face-to-face contact, which is typical in aboriginal culture, automatically gave each person a sense of
connection, openness and equality. It was an opportunity to open up our hearts and share whatever we
felt was necessary.

These teachings included learning about the four sacred medicines that coincide with the four
directions and colours of the medicine wheel, including tobacco (east), mother earth’s hair /sweet grass
(south), sage (west), and cedar (north). Each of these medicines has special healing powers and symbolic
meanings. Mind, body, spirit and emotion are what humans are made up of, in which the medicine
wheel acknowledges. If there is sickness or sadness within, there is an imbalance in one of the divisions
of the wheel. This idea applies to nature as well. In aboriginal culture, unity and equality is seen within
all of creation, as nature is our counterpart. All elements on the planet are organs of mother earth and
through these elements she responds to our actions, just as we respond to hers.

Two things were key in this teaching. The first is that love is a miracle drug that is found within
our spirits, however in order to release that miracle, we have to conquer the negativity that can
bombard our bodies from time to time. The second is that all of the answers are found within. Take a
moment and listen to your heart and you will feel the best feeling that you have ever felt in your life.
That feeling is truth.

Prior to this gathering, most of the people at this event were strangers. After this gathering,
these fifty people found an intimate connection with one another. Being drawn to the same place at the
same time was certainly not a coincidence. There was a tingling in the air after fears were released and
hearts were opened, as a sense of unity and purity was captured and contained within the circle. These
good vibrations will have to continually be released in the rest of the year at more gatherings like this
with Greening Sacred Spaces and Environment Hamilton. 2011 is time for change! Let’s work together to
make it happen Hamilton!

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