Friday, April 26, 2013

Living with Toxins talk: April 19th. Youth make their own make-up: April 15th.

What an eye opening talk last Friday 19th at St. James Anglican church in Dundas!  Eco Churches of West Hamilton (Eco-WHAM) and Greening Sacred Spaces Hamilton brought in Maggie MacDonald from Environmental Defense to speak about the toxic content of most cosmetics.

Toxic Nation - Pollution. It's in You.

Maggie is a fantastic speaker: clear, engaging and entertaining. Let me tell you; I went home and dumped out all my moisturizer and makeup (not hard to do since I don't have much).
From now on, it's go toxic free or nothing. It's expensive to buy natural care products and that is why I was excited that the youth group at Hughson St. Baptist church got to make their own make up-coached by the talented and skilled Amina Suhrwardy. Here's what Melissa, the youth leader has to say about the workshop that took place on April 15th:

I run a program in the North End of Hamilton that provides mentorship for high school aged girls.  Last week we had Amina come in to teach the 20 girls how to make their own all-natural make-up and makeup remover.  It was an awesome opportunity to show the girls how to take care of their skin with the products that they use.  Amina kept the group interested, and all of the hands-on activities and opportunities to experiment with colors and elements like zinc and clay was so much fun!  It was definitely a treat to participate in the fun!

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