Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Nourishing Hamilton Fair April 14th, 2013: What they said.

Vendors had the following comments to say:
"I got to talk to quite a few interesting people (both vendors and attendees) and I think I may have recruited a few new members for my produce co-op (one has already emailed me to join), so quite a productive afternoon."
 "We had a great time and did some good networking and also meeting folks we already know. Nice that it rotates through the churches." 
"Thank you.  I found it worthwhile and enjoyed speaking with others.It was well run. Persons and families enjoyed the displays. Many handouts disappeared and there were non-stop questions. A very good thing. I would participate again and if you need a facility in the Hamilton  east end, Faith Lutheran church could be an option."
 "I'm wondering if the faith group members of Greening Sacred Spaces would consider having their youth groups as the presenters. By all means we "seniors" would educate/coach/mentor the young people to help them prepare for the event. I think it would also be helpful to attract younger people by having some form of live music. Perhaps a number of younger kids with the chance to sing or play their instrument would bring in their parents?
Another thought could be timing your event with the actual construction of a garden on the property of one of the members of Greening Sacred Spaces. I think it might be more attractive to people if they could see "hands on" what the people in the booths are talking about."
"Thank you for inviting us. We had several great conversations with people who share a similar passion with us to nourish people in a healthy way and make use of what is produced in our communities."

"Thank you for hosting Sprout Camp at the Nourishing Hamilton Fair; it was also great. It was a interactive, enjoyable afternoon. It would be nice to do the workshop again sometime." 

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