Friday, July 25, 2014

Depave Paradise

Faith groups!
You are all invited to consider the extent of your pavement: Do you really need that much?
Tearing up asphalt in favour of planting native species, restoring marshes and wetlands etc benefits urban communities where we have far too much impermeable surfaces covering the soil; a problem because with increasing storm events (due to climate change), sewer overloads lead to flooded buildings and streets.

Hard surfaces, such as driveways, parking lots, and buildings also interrupt the natural water cycle by preventing rain water from soaking into the ground and creating heat sinks, warming up our cities. By removing pavement and replacing it with native plants, trees and shrubs we are increasing the infiltration rate, recharging our groundwater supply, and cooling our neighbourhoods.

Faith groups, schools, and other institutions are joining in this fun, community engaging movement. In Hamilton, a couple Catholic schools have depaved already.
Please see these links for more examples:

Green Venture is on the look out for faith groups interested in depaving some of their asphalt.
They are willing to come in and do a free presentation/workshop on depaving pieces of your property in order to create more permeable green space.
Taken from Green Venture's website.

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