Friday, July 25, 2014

Partnering with a local faith group to promote an energy conserving neighbourhood.

Here is a brief piece from summer intern, Joy Liu who worked with us at Environment Hamilton over the last few months. She describes the benefits and support she had working with a local faith group to promote the idea of a local improvement charges (LIC) for Hamilton home energy conservation improvements.

Working with Laidlaw
Summer 2014 Local Improvement Charges Campaign

Volunteers at Laidlaw United Church getting ready to promote LICs

Throughout the local improvement charge (LIC) campaign, Laidlaw Memorial United Church has provided support that was an incredibly important part of its implementation.
Laidlaw is located in the centre of where we planned to focus our campaigning efforts.
Rev. Doug Moore graciously allowed us to use the church space for campaign activities such as the volunteer training, volunteer base, and the information session. He even faciliated office space that we could use when we were working in the area.
The church provided refreshments for information session participants, and presentation equipment.
Rev. Doug actively promoted the campaign to the congregation by putting up posters, distributing information pamphlets during Sunday service, and allowing us to participate in the church’s annual Rummage Sale and talk to the participants.
He gave us insight and ideas, such as promoting the campaign at the It’s Your Festival in nearby Gage Park.  Members of the church made up half of our volunteer team.  During the door-to-door portion of the campaign, it was easy directing people to the information session since the church is in a convenient location and many residents knew about it.
Laidlaw saw this as an opportunity to reach out to the community, as it provides a way to invite more people into the church.  Rev. Doug was able to share the church’s stance and support for environmental stewardship based on their values.  He enthusiastically shared about the things the church has already done, such as installing solar panels, inspiring the broader community.
We are very grateful for the church’s help and would love to work with them again.  

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